Episode 43: Reasons for the Resurrection and Tunnel Monsters!

April 22, 2017

In Episode 43, Gerry and Lindsay reflect on different aspects of the Resurrection of Jesus. Pope Francis says that the Resurrection is historical, Mark Shea pokes holes in the contradictory alternative Resurrection theories and Lindsay shares his Easter Sunday 'tunnel monster' experience.

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  1. Pope Francis' homily at the Easter Saturday Vigil via Vatican Radio
  2. Mark Shea - He Died, He Rose, we have excellent reasons for our faith via The Catholic Weekly
  3. The Holy Sepulchre - Archaeology says the Evangelists were right 
  4. Carl Olsen Interview - Did Jesus really rise from the dead via Word on Fire
  5. What convinced this secular scientist that the Shroud of Turin was real? via Churchpop
  6. Barrie Shwortz's scientific proof for the Shroud of Turin via Shroud.com

Episode 42: Filet-O-Lent

March 26, 2017

Lindsay and Gerry get back behind the Mics to discuss the Feast of the Annunciation and Pope Francis' call to have 'hearts like Mary'. Are you experiencing a mid-Lent slump? Have no fear, listen to their reflection on Ruth Baker's 6 Tips to Get you Through the Mid-Lent SlumpLindsay and Gerry are also lovin' the Catholic origins of the Filet-O-Fish burger

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Other items mentioned in Episode 42: 

  1. Bishop Robert Barron on the Annunciation 
  2. Wildgoose reflection videos
  3. Catholic Stuff You Should Know podcast
  4. Bishop Robert Barron's Youtube channel 
  5. Fr Robert Galea's Youtube channel 


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Episode 41: Lenten Letters, Sciency Priests and Furry Friars!

March 12, 2017

What the Faith is back for 2017! In this episode Lindsay and Gerry return to talk about Pope Francis' 2017 Lenten Letter , reflections on Pope Francis' 4th anniversary as Pope, a Yale Neuroscientist who is studying to become a priest (and is not alone in sciency priests) and 'Friar Moustache', a dog who has been adopted by some Franciscan friars.

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Episode 40 - Christmas and Rebellions are Built on Hope!

December 22, 2016

Welcome to Episode 40, our last episode in 2016. Lindsay and Gerry team up to review Star Wars Rogue One with lots of spoilers (2.35 – 23.15 to skip spoilers). Lindsay does a 10 Minute Theology on Christmas and gives some last minute tis for preparing for Christmas. Lindsay and Gerry discuss classic Christmas movies and the crazy notion that Jesus was a garlic farmer in Japan!

We wish you all a Happy and Holy Christmas and look forward to sharing more podcasts with you early in 2017.

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Episode 39 - Ready, Set, Advent!

November 28, 2016

Welcome to Episode 39, Caroline is here, Lindsay is here, Gerry is here! This fully loaded podcast features discussion about the XT3 Advent app, tips for your kids to make the most of the Advent season, the US election and the 'poison of polarisation', the science behind the Star of Bethlehem and hipster Nativity sets.





1. Find the excellent XT3 Advent app here

2. Five Ways to Get Your Kids Into the Spirit of Advent 

3. Pope Francis on the 'virus of polarisation' via Crux.com

3. Caroline discusses a scientific explanation of the Bethlehem Star via Space.com 

4. Watch out, there's a 'Hipster Nativity Set' and it's dividing Catholic audiences

5. Download Caroline's first week of Advent Hope candle art right here


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Episode 38 - Everyday Saints

November 7, 2016

It's been a while since they've been behind the mics but Lindsay and Gerry have returned to deliver a new episode of What the Faith. Topics in this episode include the pilgrimage aspect of Lindsay's recent holiday in Europe, Archbishop Gomez on being saints, the 'Art of Dying Well', and a Carpool Karaoke parody by some Catholic priests from the US. 


  1. Bishop Gomez on beings saints as the solution to positive cultural change via Catholic News Agency
  2. The Art of Dying Well
  3. Catholic priests do a Carpool Karaoke parody 
  4. Professional footballer becoming a Catholic priest 

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Episode 36: Upside-down Snap

June 13, 2016

It's been a while since we last published an episode of What the Faith but we're back! Caroline advertised that we were recording a new episode on Snapchat but she unfortunately published it upside-down which gave us an easy name for this episode. 

In this episode we discuss the Australian Catholic Bishops message about remembering voiceless people in our society at the upcoming federal election. We also discuss the science of the atmosphere of Jupiter and supermassive blackhole photography. 

A report on Crux claims that 'very religious' Catholics are happier and we share how you can contact Pope Francis. 


Episode 35: Devotions, Exhortations, Refugees and Reaction Videos

April 19, 2016

Lindsay and Gerry return to the mics to bring you Episode 35. In this edition they discuss the documentary, The Original Image of the Divine Mercy, The Untold Story of an Unknown Masterpiece. They also give some early impressions of the commentary on Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia. Other topics include Pope Francis' recent visit to refugees in Lesbos, restoring the Holy Sepulchre and Fr Roderick's reaction video for Star Wars: Rogue One.


Episode 34: Ishtar? Don’t you mean Easter?

April 3, 2016


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Ten Minute Theology on Easter

Rome Reports – Pope

Easter is not a pagan holiday – Jimmy Akin

Science Segment

Article: The Scientific Difference Between Atheist, Religious and Spiritual People

Mother Angelica

We want to pay our deepest respects to Mother Angelica of EWTN fame. May she rest in peace in the presence of God. May God's light shine upon her in her heavenly reward.

Fr Robert Galea’s new dance track, ‘Breakthrough’

Check out more of Fr Rob’s work at http://www.frrobgalea.com/


Episode 33: CSI Jerusalem

March 6, 2016

In Episode 33, Caroline, Lindsay and Gerry review Risen, an Easter movie with a CSI feel. Caroline shares some science fun facts about astronauts spending a year in space, Planet 9 and the Psyche Me Up app to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Lindsay answers a follow up question about his Episode 32 tips for discussing Catholic issues online. Lindsay also discusses his interview with a journalist from TheAge regarding Holy Family Parish.

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